Visiting Belgium while pregnant
In December-January we travelled over to Bruges to celebrate my 30th birthday when I was heavily pregnant (I was exactly 30 weeks on my 30th birthday!). I looked all over the web for tips for pregnant women but couldn't find anything at all... maybe it's too much of a niche subject, but I would have found some information useful so here's my experience, tips and advice... Obviously my article focusses on travelling to Bruges and Winter time, but most of it would apply to all of Belgium all year round. Luggage What to pack when pregnant? Pretty much the same stuff, just be a bit more thoughtful when you're planning. Comfy shoes are vital. Forget your stilettos, no one wears them around the cobbled streets of medieval Belgium anyway. Layers are useful too, as you never know when you might suddenly start sweating or feel incredibly chilly. Bring at least one comfy but pretty outfit or dress too, it's too easy to just write yourself off as a lump when you're pregnant and not bother much