Wise Strategies to Attract New Commercial Property Managements | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
Winning commercial property management appointments is not all about lowering fees for clients that simply want a 'service for nothing'. If you were to accept too many of those clients into your property portfolio, the integrity and strength of your real estate business would decline. It is better to leave 'low paying' property management clients and those with unrealistic investment expectations to other less professional agents. So, let's focus back into the 'quality' end of the property market and the good clients that respect professional management services at a fair fee. They are the clients that understand what it means to boost income, refine the lease documentation, and resolve risks. Quality Services for Quality Clients How do you attract and keep these high-quality clients for the longer term? Try some of these ideas: Make the investment stability easier for the client – most properties under management will have issues of some instability or volatility. Remove