Why You Should Pull Apart Your Commercial Property Market and How to Do It | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
You should regularly pull apart your commercial and retail property market to find the advantages and changes that lead to sales and leasing listings. There are always things happening, and your focus on that will help you build a 'results record and pipeline of new business'. Commercial real estate brokerage is a personal system; you must keep yourself on track with activity and investigation. It is a daily process. Top agents adopt methods like this. You could call this a 'full property market review', and it is a valuable process to adopt. You will find things and see where changes are evolving. It is wise to do this 'analysis' on a monthly basis as it takes a good few hours. Each monthly review is an update on the last investigation. Soon you will have a 'plan of change' when it comes to local property activity. How Do You Dig Deeper in Property Activity? When you are digging into the local area and investments for property opportunity, where should you look, and