Why Tenant Service Managers are Valuable in Shopping Center Management | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
In commercial property management, tenant communication is critical on an array of things. Every day there will be issues in and around the managed property that will impact occupancy and or building use. The greater the number of buildings that you manage, the more complex the problem. (NB - you can get plenty of shopping center management tips here in Snapshot) So, what are the targets with this? You want the tenants to connect with you when they need help and or when things are changing or uncertain in and around the property. You could say that it is part of the risk management strategy for the property overall. The larger properties (shopping centers and office towers) achieve this communication strategy with a tenant services manager (TSM); that person is appointed to keep up the flow of information with tenants and all occupants. The role is a good idea, particularly if you have lots of tenants in the building, and or the property is complex. Roles and