Ways of Handling Investment Property Paperwork in Commercial Real Estate | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
In commercial real estate brokerage there is a good degree of documentation and paperwork in any average transaction, be that in brokerage sales or leasing. The paperwork that you create in brokerage should be reflecting the factors of the transaction and intentions of the parties. That documentation needs to be accurate in every way possible. (NB - You can get our free commercial real estate course right here) Property Complexity Some transactions can be very complex and therefore time-consuming to negotiate through and to close on. Through those activities, remember exactly who your client is in the process and what their targets may be from a property transaction perspective. Ultimately they pay your commission and on that basis their wishes should become your goals and targets in marketing and negotiating the listing for a positive result. Get to Know all the Property Facts Of course some agents and brokers struggle with documenting certain types of