Using Follow Up Systems and Mailings in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
You can do a lot of new business in commercial real estate brokerage by following up on all your contacts and conversations. Most agents and brokers don't follow-up enough, and yes, there are reasons for that including time and money, however follow-up or a lack of is a common weakness in brokerage activities today. (NB - You can get more tips and ideas here in 'Commercial Snapshot') In this very fact there are some good things that you can do for yourself in finding new clients and new listings, simply through follow up and regular ongoing contact. There are some opportunities in the property market waiting to be found and converted. Process and Time The follow-up process takes time and effort, and there is no question about that. Organization is also required at a personal level when you are controlling a large territory or database of people. Don't let that dissuade you and your efforts; get organized and do a bit more in your client and prospect