Treat Your Commercial Real Estate Clients Differently | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
In commercial real estate agency today, the notable difference between top agents and all other agents is in their client database. Their client database is larger and more committed to the agent. Over time the clients give more leads and listings to a top agent. The clients trust the agent. That should be your focus if you want to grow market share quickly in this industry. Building A Database Correctly It takes time to build a database like this, but it has to be done if you are to rise to the top of your industry. Every client or prospect that you connect with has to be treated differently than anyone else. They should be made to feel special and respected. From this statement, it is easy to see that your progress in the industry can be fast-tracked if you commit to communication and connection with clients and prospects. They need to know you and trust you. You should be relevant to them and their requirements as business owners or property investors. To some degree