Top Rated Solutions for Shopping Center Leasing Opportunity | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
Most retail shopping centres have a few levels of opportunity that can and should be tapped from a leasing perspective. Finding those 'windows' of leverage and growth is important to investment performance. It is something that you can use to your advantage as a leasing and investment expert in the property class. So, where do you start? A property 'business plan' will help with seeing and tracking those various leasing opportunities; encourage the 'property planning idea' in your client contact and service planning. Then engage with your retail shop tenants and look for the leasing leverage that will exist. This whole concept suggests that retail property and shopping centre leasing is an important asset class to optimize. It can also be very lucrative as an asset class for specialist leasing brokers and agents. Connect with your shopping centre owners and refine your leasing services to cover key retail changes and leasing opportunities locally in your town or