The Satisfaction of Retail Shopping Centre Leasing Specialization | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
In retail property, some of the rents are large, and the leases are of high value. On that basis, it is a good leasing segment to work in and with from a brokerage perspective. You can be a specialist in retail property performance and growth or change. What can you do in the segment? There are plenty of single retail sites and shopping centres to lease in all towns or cities. That is why specialisation is a good thing. Changing Face of Retail Property Performance Look around you. Certainly, the shopping centre and retail property markets are changing, and that is why a tenant mix focus should be part of any new lease strategy and decision. Get deeply involved in the local property market and know where all good retail sites are and what landlords require when it comes to leasing changes, and tenant selections. Understand the impact of online shopping impacting retail shopping centres and then review the best tenants that are suited for success in this 'online