The Sales System You Want in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage | Commercial Real Estate Training
To get results in commercial real estate brokerage, you must have a system of selling services and properties. Every day there are pressures on you that can move your priorities around, so set your plan of approach and control your day in every way possible. Only you can move your business forward. What you can do here is develop a system of actions and priorities that apply to commercial real estate brokerage for you personally every day. That takes a degree of consideration and focus on the property types that you would regard as your primary market segment. Sales Day Formula Don't let others in your real estate business reshape your day or take you away from the priorities that really matter. Your results in commercial real estate agency and brokerage will come from directed efforts and personal action. Nothing else matters, and luck is not a part of the formula. Understand your brokerage activities and your target market. Know where you can i