The Right Ways to Manage Commercial Properties | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
The best way to manage a commercial and retail property is from a base of facts and knowledge. Look for issues and facts as part of the property takeover strategy. You simply must understand all the elements of the property and the location at the earliest stages of asset take-up. (NB - You can get plenty of Commercial Property Management tips in our Snapshot program right here - its free) Many inexperienced property managers only know the basics to look for, so they don't understand the fuller aspects of property performance and review. Overlooking critical property facts can be a real problem. Consider all the elements of the property across: Property risk Leases Tenants Maintenance Occupancy Cashflow A planned approach is required. A system of property handover will help you transition into a new property management and cover all the important issues. A system will also help you avoid errors or omissions in the gathering all the critical facts. So, you can and should