The Real Advantages of Grading Your Listings in Commercial Property | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
Sometimes we have just too many commercial property listings active, and that typically leads to complications in servicing clients and marketing. Inevitably that 'burden' can distract you from the results that you want with commissions and inspections. Over time some of your listings will become 'stale' as well, so there are several things to be considered here. (NB - if you have a listing focus in commercial brokerage, you can get plenty of ideas here in Snapshot - its free) The fact is that you cannot market every property comprehensively at the same time; there will be limitations in both time and resources. Priorities should be set with listed properties and promotional processes. The suggestion here is that you 'rate' your listings for strengths and weaknesses based on current property market conditions. The Listing Problem The problem of 'listing saturation' can happen at certain times of year in the quieter periods when the business community is in 'slow down' mode; it