The Quickest and Easiest Way to Build Your Real Estate Business | Commercial Real Estate Training
To succeed in commercial real estate brokerage, a good degree of control is required; that direction is at a personal level. You must optimize as much of your day as possible. That is to do the things that matter to your business, your transactions, your listings and commissions. Engage in your real estate business. Engage in your career. Remove the 'random approach'. Believe in the direction you are taking. It is time for progress and focus. Lock into a plan that can work for you. What you are looking for here is some sustained and consistent direction in critical and essential activities that you know will boost listing and client engagement. Brokerage Power and Leverage Certainly, some days are better than others when it comes to personal control, but when we follow the rules or the pressures of others, our brokerage business suffers. Start every working day with a reasonable degree of power on the things that matter; you will know what they are. How do you