The Planning Aids that Work Well for Commercial Brokers and Agents | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
As a broker or an agent in commercial real estate, you should use a few specific planning aids as part of controlling your week, and thereby helping you improve your results with clients, listings, and transactions. Technology today can offer us so many different control tools to support the planning process. Every presentation, listing brochure, sale or lease, can be supported by online and electronic planning tools and aids. You will need some basic technology systems to take with you during the working day. (NB - If you want more time management tips for commercial brokerage, you can get them here in Snapshot - its free) Convenient Technology Systems for Brokers The most valuable technology software related tools to use in real estate planning include: Cloud-based diary system – Gmail is very practical and free if you haven't tried it. Works well with your mobile phone. Task control system – Wunderlist or Gmail have free alternatives that give mobile interaction. Cloud