The Importance of Set Routines in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
The only way to get a reasonable amount of success in commercial real estate brokerage is through taking specific actions every day and developing a set of routines around that. The routines for each agent or broker can be improved over time and with relevance to the local property market conditions. Without regular daily action on the things that matter, 'luck' takes over as a foundation of any new brokerage business, and that does not work from a personal brokerage perspective. Understand your real estate market for what it is, and take regular action to get things under control. Develop your routines at a personal level. So, what are the things that 'matter'? Try some of these for starters: New clients Current clients Seeking referral business Finding buyers Finding sellers Connecting with tenants Talking with business owners. Forming relationships with other 'industry professionals' Revisiting the connections already made in your database The Importance of Routines