The Essential Skills Needed in Commercial Property Management | Commercial Real Estate Training
It is not easy managing a commercial or retail property at a professional level for a lengthy period. Some 'uninformed' people may say that the rent collection and tenant management process is 'easy', but that statement is far from the truth. With any investment property of reasonable size, there are plenty of things to do each day beyond simple rent and tenant matters. That is where skills and strategy become important to the process. A reasonable fee for service is required when a complex property is under management. A professional property management process is something very special and controlled; good people with knowledge and experience are required to undertake tasks well. Why is that? There is a property to maintain, investment results to improve, tenants to manage, and lease incomes to optimize. Those issues need a 'formula' or strategy to make things work. Most experienced property managers work on a planned week and monthly reporting processes; that is