The 8 Golden Rules of Negotiating in Commercial Real Estate Investment Sales | Commercial Real Estate Training
Many of the clients that we serve in commercial and retail property today are reasonably experienced when it comes to negotiation, and the elements of the typical property transaction. They know what they want to achieve from the sale or purchase activity. They will also involve other people to help them such as property attorneys to advise them on the transaction. As the agent or the broker, you need to be prepared for every possible variation in negotiation given the trends of today's property market and the known priorities of sellers and buyers. Look at the issues and adjust your negotiations accordingly. Local Property Market Indicators Watch the property market, and understand what people are looking for and thinking about in local property purchase or leasing. The trends of the local inquiry will help you identify that fact. Converse with and qualify the people that you work with from a selling or buying perspective. Understand their needs and points of focus bef