Systems for Dealing with Property Inspections Appraisals and Facts | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
As part of your commercial real estate actions and investigations, the property information that you come across each day can be complicated and in large volume. The longer that you are working as a broker or agent locally, the greater the amount of information that you will come across. What can you do here? Collate that information from the very start; keep that information organized. Your success in the information gathering process will impact your career in many ways. Why Property Information is Your Leverage Information is 'leverage' in commercial real estate brokerage. Most property information is valuable, and usually, it can be taken to further levels of action at the right time in the future. The other fact to remember here is that you just don't know when you will need to use it and how that information can be used as part of your brokerage activities. Collation and organization are required so you can use that information later. What are your property