Strategies to Develop Retail Leasing Opportunities in Shopping Centers | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
When you have a vacancy to fill in a retail shopping centre, you do need some effective and direct leasing strategies to pull in the right tenant enquiries in a timely way. It is not sufficient to just put an advert on the internet as part of a 'hope and wait' process. (NB - you can get our free commercial real estate course 'Snapshot' right here) Shopping centres are refined assets requiring shaping and 'driven' vacancy solutions. The best tenants are required for the growth of shop income and tenant mix attraction. To resolve a retail vacancy with the right type of product offering and tenant, you firstly have some questions to consider. Here are a few good questions and concepts to look at: What stores are customers visiting now? – Understand the shopping priorities of customers now, and then see if there are patterns or priorities that seem to be working with certain tenants or merchandise groups. The better types of tenants from a sales and customer perspective will tell you