Simple Techniques to Lease More Commercial and Retail Properties this Year | Commercial Real Estate Training
The leasing of commercial and retail properties can be boosted significantly by following some simple rules. The property market will always have properties to lease; it is simply a matter of matching tenants to properties. There are some effective strategies to do that. So let's look at defining the leasing status of the property market today in your town or city; in doing that we can look for opportunities and clients to serve. Property Leasing fees are always out there for the astute and active real estate agent. You really must understand what is happening to get any traction in leasing vacant premises. You can drive some real and solid commissions from knowing your local tenants and landlords. To do that correctly, try answering these questions: What is the vacancy factor as it relates to your property type and zone? How much space is available to lease today in the locations that you operate as an agent? Consider the vacancy lease times of the grades of property. For exa