Setting More Appointments Demystified | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
New client contact is everything in our industry. As a broker or agent, you should focus on getting appointments each day as part of a 'base brokerage strategy'. Those appointments will be with new and any existing people in your database that you would consider as your 'clients of the future'. It is a good business approach to adopt, especially if you are seeking more listings and better commissions. So how do you create plenty of appointments? There is a formula to the idea. You establish a systemized approach to connecting with people every day. You then also avoid 'diversions' for at least half of each working day. If you do this correctly and diligently, you will find that your real estate business gets busier; that is a good thing. Caution! It is too easy to replace your prospecting time with other appointments of seemingly more importance; that is where most agents go wrong. Replacing prospecting time with other things doesn't work. Set Your Brokerage Contact