Purpose Built Shopping Centre Management Plans | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
In retail shopping centre management, you must have a planned approach to bringing the new property and client into your management portfolio. That then is a purpose-built property management plan. That will help you keep the property services you offer in line with your client's investment targets; it will stabilize the management appointment. It will also help you engage at a deeper level with your clients and directly match their property requirements for the long term. Where do you start? Remember that you have many facts to investigate with your shopping centre management plan, including tenants, leases, maintenance, occupancy, and risk. It can be a very complex process. A checklist method of property management will help you stay on track as you talk to people and review the history of the property. A Shopping Centre Management Checklist So, how can you do this with the right level of engagement and control to match the client's investment plans and targets? Let's