Proof that Outbound Calls Really Work | Commercial Real Estate Training
In commercial real estate brokerage, if you want to get anywhere fast with your property opportunities as an agent, then you should start making more outbound calls daily. Sure, there are other things to do such as meetings and door knocking, but it is all a planned approach for you to master. Systems like that produce results for individuals. Commercial real estate brokerage is all about 'individual performance'. So, the first and best skill to develop in brokerage is that of making calls to new people. There are lists to make and conversations to create. There are real estate opportunities to tap into. As part of that process, you should be planning your outbound calls each evening for the next day. You could call this a type of 'efficiency' at a personal level. Efficiency is a big part of success in brokerage. Why is that? You cannot and should not waste your time as a broker or agent, as time is the most valuable resource that you have. Ef