Presenting and Pitching for a Commercial Property Management Appointment | Commercial Real Estate Training
Commercial property management is a special field in the property industry. The same if not more can be said about retail property. The property managers that work on these property types should be well chosen for their skills and or trained for the skills that are needed. NB - you can get plenty of commercial property management presentation tips here. The industry averages? Far too many agencies employ people in property management with little commercial or retail property training, and then they leave those people to the tasks of 'managing'. The end result will be properties that are poorly managed and a tenant mix that is 'imploding'. It is easy to see a commercial building that is poorly managed. They can be focus points for you from a new business perspective in commercial real estate brokerage and property management. Poorly managed properties then have common problems such as: Leases that miss critical dates Rents that are below market Tenants that are dis