Power Marketing Tips in Commercial Real Estate Leasing | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
In commercial real estate leasing, you need to know plenty of people, and as part of that, all the landlords and the tenants in your territory. Secure a database software solution to track the interactions and the connections that you are making in a regular and ongoing way. Your list will be invaluable as the year progresses and you are looking for leads and opportunities. (NB - you can get our leasing tips and ideas right here in 'Snapshot') Valuable Client Lists So, let's say you get a database going and you feed it with new information every day. The best way to grow your leasing commissions and opportunities over time is then through a power marketing program covering the local property market and the territory. Your marketing program should be designed accordingly as part of a strategic process for leasing coverage and market penetration. Talk to people and put them at the center of your diary of activities. Create meetings, conversations, and inspections.