Personal Contact Management Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
There are many people that you can and should connect within commercial real estate brokerage. Importantly, all brokers and agents should have a systematic plan of contact that covers the market and the correct people within it. Regular contact with the right people in any town or city will produce the listing and new business opportunities; that is the basic rule that has been proven through the years. The Best Contact Model is Simple So how can you build a contact model that can drive your business forward? Try some of these simple ideas for starters: Friends and acquaintances are a good place to start. Review all the people that you know now, and particularly those that could have an interest in property investment and or local businesses. Create connections and conversations with the people that you know now. Encourage referral business and leads from those people that already know you well Persons of influence exist in many industries and