Move Your Commercial Real Estate Mind Towards Greatness | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
In commercial real estate, your mind will greatly influence your actions and results. For this reason you really do need to be selective as to who you associate with and what you listen to. Move away from the people that are overly 'negative' or 'full of conflict'. Have you ever come across other agents that tell you the market is 'slow' or 'dead'? In most cases their observation is not accurate and is a direct reflection on their inability to prospect and network with the right people. Sure the market does change during the year, but there is always opportunity out there to find. You can find all types of new business when you really look. Here are some ideas: Landlords that are struggling with vacancies Tenants looking to upsize or downsize Businesses looking to relocate Franchise groups wanting some new locations for start up Developers wanting vacant land or redundant properties for redevelopment Landlords that don't know how to lease premises Properties that are poorly