Marketing Standards and Systems in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage | Commercial Real Estate Training
There are many marketing standards and systems to consider in commercial real estate brokerage. Importantly, they should all be well planned to match the local market conditions and the required branding of the office. Consistent branding and market penetration will help consolidate commission and listing opportunities for the brokerage. The same can be said for the individual agents within the brokerage. On that basis, it is wise that the individual agents be given a marketing brief to apply to their individual promotional circumstances. Consistency is essential to real estate marketing and promotion. When preparing the marketing process for your brokerage, consider the prevailing market conditions, the competing agencies, and the needs of the greater property community. Within those three factors, your brokerage needs to send a consistent and solid marketing statement that helps you build on listing opportunity. Here are some categories of activity to merge into your prom