Innovation Health Factors in Commercial Property Management | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
Creative control is an essential part of commercial and retail property management. Basically, elements of innovation are part of that day to day property management process as you strive to attract and serve high level clients with your tenant and asset performance services. Think about what you are doing now with your clients and consider how things can be improved in the management and performance of an investment property. Review specific clients and their property needs. Can you do things better for the fees earned? The answer is usually 'Yes'. (NB - you can get plenty of commercial and retail property management ideas in our Snapshot program right here - its free) Quality First with Clients and Buildings Managed Before I go too far here, I will say that 'quality' is an important factor of client and property selection from a brokerage perspective. Choose the better buildings and clients to work for with your property management services. Look at the ways you can