Improving Shopping Center Performance by Retail Tenant Mix Repackaging | Commercial Real Estate Training
Some retail shopping centres need refreshing and repackaging from time to time. That strategy and approach helps when it comes to sustaining customer interest and attracting ongoing retail sales. (NB - you can get more retail shopping center tenant mix ideas in our free 'Snapshot' course right here) The approach to shopping center repackaging can be merged into the retail business plan strategy for the property over time. It is worth remembering that a shopping centre and its presentation will be paramount when it comes to customer attraction and sales. Given the pressures of the Internet, the changes to customer interest, and the fluctuations of retail business, real tenant and merchandise strategies are required. The idea here is to maintain and bolster the tenancy mix, the customer interest, the presentation and the performance of a retail shopping centre. The Basic Facts to Investigate So where do you start? Go back in history; that's a good place to