Improving Landlord Services in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
In commercial real estate brokerage, the landlords that you know and serve will provide you with significant opportunities over time. Those opportunities will be across sales, leasing, and property management; trust and communication will help you convert that business at the right time. (NB - you can get plenty of landlord service ideas in our Snapshot program - it's free) How can you work with this? You can deliberately choose the clients that you work for, and you can tune your service offerings to those better clients and the better buildings. The choices that you make here are quite important to your career, your listings, your conversions, and your income base. Comprehensive Landlord and Investor Service The idea here is that you can serve your landlords and investor clients comprehensively and directly with many specific property solutions and strategies for the location. The right services can merge into the buildings and the clients for the location. Focus your