How to Win More Listings – Make Things Easier for Your Real Estate Client | Commercial Real Estate Training
When property owners and business owners move on a property matter, they are frequently dealing with a few pressures and decisions at a personal level. They need help. We are the right people to provide that 'pressure relief'. At the top of the 'pressure' list will always be price and promotion, so our job as brokers and agents is to make things easier for them. The clearer and more direct we are in explaining that, the better our chances of winning the listing; from that point on, the hard work starts. (NB - you can get plenty of listing ideas in Snapshot right here - its free) Real Estate Strategies Simplified Solutions and strategies are part of the successful real estate business. Property challenges require solutions and momentum. Do you see yourself in that way as a professional marketer in commercial property? Plan your business approach as a 'solution provider'; help your clients see what you can do and will do in taking their property to the m