How to Use Essential Production Targets in Brokerage Sales and Leasing | Commercial Real Estate Training
You can go a long way in commercial real estate brokerage if you set specific production goals for yourself and then action them. What are they and why to this? They are very specific goals that you can apply to your business day personally. It doesn't matter what the rest of the brokerage team is doing with their activities, but it does matter what you do with these things that we have detailed below. When these facts are set clearly for you and by you, and the action starts, then the results will happen. Build the action plan around your production goals. Get ready for a real boost to your business activities. So, these are the production targets that can and usually will have a massive impact on the career of any broker or agent. If you have pressures in your real estate business now, then one or more of these indicators will not be working for you. Something will be stopping you from getting these things under control. Fix the problem as a priority. What Are Your