How to Secure a Job in a Shopping Center Management Team | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
A job in a shopping center management team can be interesting and yet also a challenge. There are various roles to fill, and good people are required to work in shopping centers. So, do you want to secure a job in a vibrant and successful retail property in your town or city? There are some things to know and think about. Securing a job in a large retail property involves good personal discipline, communication skills, property knowledge, and a sound degree of retailer business awareness, marketing and sales. Expect that every successful retail property will be different than any other, and intensely busy; the skills that you bring and apply to the property will impact the investment for the landlord. Are you ready for the retail property challenge? There are some focus points to develop. Key Retail Facts The success of a shopping center will depend on important facts such as: Choice of tenants in the overall mix The placement of tenants around