How to Fix High Workloads in Commercial and Retail Property Management | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
It is no secret that commercial and retail property managers can get very busy across a wide array of matters relating to tenants, clients, and property activity. The larger the property, the greater the potential issue. The best property managers are excellent managers of their portfolio workloads and tasks. That doesn't mean of course that the job is 'stress-free' even for the best people. Pressures always exist. Without some form of control and organisation, a property manager can get 'overloaded' with the ordinary things that may not matter too much. The 'important stuff' then gets left behind or will not be done in a timely way. Ultimately, the client gets the 'raw end' of the service solution and the performance of the property declines. Know Your Role as a Property Manager Think about this. The role of a commercial or retail property manager is mainly to control the physical and financial functions of a managed property and to improve asset performance over