How to Find More Buyers in Commercial Real Estate Agency | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
In this property market today, there are lots of listings that remain unsold. Buyers of property are very selective and slow to act. It is not a seller's market. So what type of market is it? It is an 'agents market'. There is a lot of opportunity out there for agents that strive to build their list of contacts and prospects. Yes, there are lots of listings available, and that is reason to get excited. We are the solution to the problem for many sellers of property. We should (and likely do) have a good selection of buyers on our books from previous campaigns that are likely to act today; you just need to open the doors of contact. The best agents in this market do two things. They are: They constantly fill their database with new people from ongoing contact. They stay in touch with the right people to build the relationship. Ordinary agents neglect one or more of these issues. In this market it is the list of people that you know that will take you forward and upward in