How to Establish a Clear Market Position in Commercial Property Management | Commercial Real Estate Training
Commercial property management is quite different when compared to leasing and sales although the clients are similar. In property management you are working with the client for the long haul. Issues and strategies can take months if not years to bring to finality. The property management division of your business can serve a client for years and on that basis boost income opportunities and repeat brokerage business. In saying, that it is wise you choose the right clients in the process. What's typical? Typically a property manager will be working on high value strategies that are difficult to define and implement. For example: Finding the best tenants to fill a vacancy for the long term Resolving weaknesses in lease documentation Removing and replacing poor quality tenants Boosting the market rent Improving tenant mix structures Aligning the budget of a property to the cash flow needs of the landlord Maintaining a property that could have age and improvement issues All of the