How to Create a Commercial Property Management Listing Kit | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
If you specialise in commercial or retail property management then you should have a listing kit with you to use at any time with clients and prospects. Some of the kit can be in hard copy and the balance of the kit should be in the 'cloud' for 'drawing down' when you are talking to investment clients of particular types. Preparation is then the key to winning new business in property management. (NB - you can get plenty of ideas to help build your property management services here in 'Snapshot' - it's free) So how can you do this? Your tablet computer and or your laptop can be used to access the online 'cloud-based' listing kit material with clients of different types. Google drive is a great way to store those special documents for the times when you need them. Preparation is the key to winning new property managements; the listing kit 'logic' is part of that strategy. Know the different types of tools that you use and will require with working the three different