How to Control Sales Deadlines in Commercial Real Estate | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
There are some simple deadlines to work towards in commercial real estate sales. Those set times and tasks will help you in building your competitive edge and avoiding the 'chaos' of the working week. People will try to shift your focus away from listings, clients, and transactions; that is always a problem for those of us in the industry. Strict and simple rules help at a personal level when it comes to broker and agent focus on the key elements of our business. Self-control is a good thing for achieving brokerage results. Deadlines Matter So, what are those deadlines and why do you need them? The fact of the matter is that the pressures and changes of a working day in real estate will shift priorities with listings and clients; it is easy to get distracted and diverted into things that may seem important at the time, but not necessarily critical to the business outcomes that most brokers and agents require. Stay 'on track' with your business focus; that is the rule.