How to Build a Brokerage System for More New Business | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
It is a fact that goals alone will not do much for you in commercial real estate brokerage. Goals won't produce much momentum with people, properties, and growth of market share. If you are struggling with your real estate business, you can set your goals, but immediately create some action plans and systems to suit. The best way forward in commercial real estate sales and leasing is from a basis of action; that action is taken to a plan, and that plan is improved over time. There will always be improvements that you can make to your daily action plan; the important thing is that you are acting every day. Don't struggle. Get your real estate business happening with some simple focus processes that are building your client list, listing opportunities, and commissions. So, what is the message here? Look at your daily action plans and determine how they can be improved, expanded, and optimized. Brokerage Action Planning Here are some ideas