How Success Breeds Success in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
The successes that you create in commercial real estate brokerage can be a foundation from which to expand your market share and client base. Every successful sales or lease transaction can be something to communicate back to the market, and share with interested parties such as business leaders and local investors. (NB - you can get plenty of successful stories in commercial real estate in our Snapshot Course right here) Results are Interesting Results in property activity breed further results or the opportunities of such. In other words, one transaction can lead to another opportunity, providing you market yourself, your skills, and your recent results accordingly. Many local property people and identities in a location, like to know about achieved prices, cap or yield rates, and rental trends; they like to know what has happened and what is happening from a property perspective. Use the 'results' principle as a factor in your real estate business plan.