Highly Selective Direct Marketing in Commercial Real Estate Converts More Enquiry | Commercial Real Estate Training
For all sorts of reasons, many commercial real estate agents struggle with direct marketing. In most cases they will do the simplest form of this direct marketing and then stop at that level. Unfortunately they then miss out on all the opportunities that can evolve if only they had taken a few more steps in the process. Commercial real estate is an individual practice and most if not all of your quality listings and clients will come from personal relationships and connections. The better that you know people, the easier it is to win new business. Most real estate agents should know several hundred prospects, including tenants, landlords, solicitors, accountants, and developers. Build New Relationships It takes time to build these relationships and for that reason, personal effort is required in directly marketing yourself to your prospects on a daily basis. This requires skill, consistency, and persistence. These 3 simple words are so understandable, and yet overlo