Get the Satisfaction of Taking Direct Action in Commercial Property Leasing | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
In commercial real estate leasing, there are things that you can do every day to build a solid base of tenants and landlords as potential clients. There is a proven pattern of action that will help you drive market share and opportunity your way. That action will give you plenty of satisfaction as you gain the leads and the listings in your preferred territory. Action drives more confidence and engagement. So, let's be quite clear here. The people that can be your clients in leasing local commercial or retail property are local business owners, landlords, and franchise groups. They should be at the centre of your 'connections' and personal prospecting activities. Getting Started with Leasing Action Where do you start? In most towns and cities there will be some business movement and opportunities to find. Telephone calls and door knocking strategies will provide leads and information for expert leasing agents. Does that sound like you? Are you