Four Easy Steps to Solving Your Cold Calling Problems | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
There are different ways to approach prospecting in commercial real estate brokerage, but in saying that, the telephone should always be high on the agenda when it comes to connecting with new people. The telephone is efficient, easily accessed, and can be used by every agent or broker as part of a professional contact program; conversions to meetings will escalate if the telephone is used each day professionally in prospecting for clients, leads, and listings. Practice is important to make that happen. So, there is a message here to consider and utilize. Where can you start with this idea? If you are struggling with your real estate momentum now, then use the telephone each day in talking to new people. Get the business telephone book out for your town or city, or source it online; research the local businesses by location and by type, and then start to make your calls. Track your progress with calls and practice your dialogue and conversation approach. Your call contact