Five Lessons to Learn in Leasing Commercial Property Today | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
Most brokers or agents get involved with leasing commercial or retail property. It is a good segment of the market to work with. It does, however, require specialisation to ensure that you have the necessary skills and market coverage to work with both tenants and landlords comprehensively. Where do you start? Understand what the tenants and landlords are looking for today when it comes to property occupancy and opportunity. Canvass the streets and the buildings to make a list of tenant movements and known vacancies. Effective Strategies for Leasing Commercial Property Work your list of tenants and landlords for the long term. Keep talking to the people of your property market. Know what they are thinking and seeing. From time to time, the property market will move from 'tenant favourable' to 'landlord favourable'. You can move either way. The quality of the property and the location will also have something to do with leasing enquiry and outcomes achieved. Look for