Essential Scripts to Practice in Commercial Real Estate | Commercial Real Estate Training
There are some advantages to be gained in practising things in commercial real estate brokerage, and one such thing is your 'dialogue', particularly so, when it comes to certain listing or business situations. You can develop some scripts and words to use in your client and customer interaction. Everything can be targeted. You can practice those words and scripts to 'hone' your focus and your message with the essential players to a property transaction. Scripts and Dialogue Advantages So, scripts can be your 'fast track' to better conversions across listing, inspections, marketing, and negotiation situations. Your dialogue can be more convincing and connecting with some practice. Look at the property situations where that could apply. Here are some ideas: The listing process and choosing the best method of sale or lease – The client with their property, may not fully understand the advantages to be gained by one method of sale or lease. Asking for market