Eight Ways to Use Internet Portals for Effective Commercial Property Marketing | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
It is a known fact that the Internet portals attract most of the property enquiry, and they do so better than individual brokerage or agency websites. On that basis, every commercial property listing should feature a good mixture of online property marketing strategies across websites and the affordable, relevant portals. There is, however, a cost to the promotional process, and that cost needs to be considered and staged to optimise enquiry and listing conversions. Vendor paid marketing is critical to getting good portal coverage with listings. (NB - you can get plenty of property marketing tips in Snapshot right here - its free) Portal Power So why is it that the portals attract most of the listing interest and enquiry? Of course, the process of property marketing is their business, but they know how to attract the search engines; they understand the value of website design. The property owners pay for the portal privilege and use; that cost is not 'cheap',