Effective Meeting Strategies in Commercial Real Estate Brokerage | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
Prospect meetings are an important part of commercial brokerage activity. You need plenty of prospect meetings and client connections to grow your real estate business. In a regular and ongoing way, you can and should connect with new people selectively to understand their property profile and future property requirement. (NB - you can get more real estate tips and ideas in our 'Commercial Real Estate Snapshot' right here) It has been said in many different ways over the years that as an industry commercial real estate brokerage, is largely built around regular client contact and the associated levels of trust. Trust and communication are big parts of the industry; your clients should be at the center of all of that process. Trust Index Build substantial levels of 'trust' with the property people that matter. For this very reason, get to know plenty of people in your location and across the selected property types and or properties. Dig deeper into your