Do Not Lose Control of a Deal – No Matter What | Commercial Real Estate Training
In commercial real estate brokerage, things can easily go 'backwards' if you do not keep up the momentum and focus personally. Problems occur in real estate and are so common when others are asked as 'third parties' to handle a lease or sale and bring it to finality. So your transaction can slow or stop as a result of the interests and actions of other people. Don't let that happen; stay involved. If it is your deal, be it a sale or lease, stay with it to the very end, and don't expect others to complete important issues. Your priorities are not their priorities, and only you know the people involved and the elements of the deal intimately. When clients bring in solicitors or property attorneys to complete paperwork, then you should stay involved; at a minimum, you should be asking questions about progress and checking with the clients advisors regularly. Transaction Control is the Focus Here are some other rules that can help you with a lease or sale and its moment