Commercial Real Estate Career Path Facts | Commercial Real Estate Training Online
A career in commercial real estate is rewarding in many ways, and yet at times can sometimes be confusing if not frustrating. If you are prepared to work hard and with a bias towards property knowledge and personal development, there is a good chance that you will get somewhere. (NB - you can get more commercial real estate career tips in our free Snapshot series right here) Commercial Real Estate Formula There is a formula here to understand. The results that you will achieve over time will primarily come from the specific systems and strategies that you implement into your real estate business. Luck has nothing at all to do with the results that you achieve in the industry. While you may sometimes get a lucky deal or listing, consistency and persistence are the key parts of attracting quality listings and commissions. If you have chosen to work in this different career, there are some important factors to work on to attract the business. Don't spend too much